Profinsa Personnel

JOEY BADENHORST – Shareholder/Director/Founder – Registered Accountant in SA
JANESKE DU TOIT – Shareholder/Director – Chartered Accountant with M.Com
YOLANDE NEL – Personal Assistant/Office Manager/HR
JEAN-MARIE COKAYNE – Manager VIP Payroll and Salary Admin Department
JP DU PLESSIS – Senior Accounting Reviewer
MENET HUMAN – Senior Accounting Reviewer
INA FERREIRA – Senior Admin Clerk/Registrations/Company Secretarial
RUDY OLIPHANT – Accounting Processing Clerk
ANRO YOUNG – Accounting Processing Clerk
FRANCINE MEIER – Receptionist
LINDIE ENGELBRECHT – Kathu Branch Office Manager/Accounting Processing Clerk


Personnel Gallery

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